antioxidant assay

Ron Lauener rlauener at
Mon Jun 16 17:36:05 EST 1997


	I am interested in measuring free radical scavenging (antioxidant) 
activity in extracts of natural products such as plants or bacteria.  We 
are currently using luminol-enhanced chemiluminescence to measure 
neutrophil phagocytosis (activation)/reactive oxygen species generation 
in a screen for inhibitors of neutrophil activation.  However, false 
positives could be produced by test extracts that possess oxygen 
scavenging activity; we need to be able to test these extracts for 
radical scavenging activity using a simple in-vitro assay (preferably a 
colourimetric/fluorescent or luminescent readout.  Thanks very much for 
any help you could provide.

Ron Lauener Ph.D.
Vancouver, B.C.

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