Clonetech Genomic Walking kit

deborah.hailstones at deborah.hailstones at
Wed Jun 18 20:56:31 EST 1997

     Ann Skinner wrote:
     I have recently been trying to use the Clontech genome walker kit, 
     using their Advantage Tth Polymerase enzyme mix and GRI engine PCR 
     Using the conditions prescribed, plus several variations I cannot even 
     get their positive controls to work.
     Anyone any with any experience of this kit-good or bad!-please e-mail 
     any tips you have directly to me at e-mail address given below. I seem 
     to get no helpful feedback from the company at all.
     Thanks for your help, Ann.
     I tried to use the human version of this kit and, like you, couldnt 
     get the positives to work at all.. they sent me a new kit and i found 
     that when i added DMSO i could get two of the five +ves to work... but 
     i never got anything from my gene of interest... tho a friend of mine 
     did get a myosin promoter from the rat version...
     so it sounds like they may be very variable

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