Ion Channel Biosensors

James Young jyoung at
Wed Jun 18 10:21:12 EST 1997

Hello there...

I am a student researcher at Bradley University/Southern Illinois University
School of Medicine and I am writing to inquire about literature material 
regarding Ion Channel Based Biosensors.

THe interest extends off of a brief article published in Nature by an Australian team.  While I can certainly get ahold of the materials that they cited in their paper, it would seem to me that htey would have to have a larger article 
somewhere in the literature.  If anyone has any information on where I can
find their original article in its entirety and any other information on this
particular type of biosensor, how they are constructed, and how the 
sensors themselves transmit data from the assay site to the researcher, it would be appreciated. :)

Thank you in advance
Jim Young
Dept of Biology/School of Medicine
Bradley UNiversity/ Southern Illinois University

jyoung at

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