Reusage of probes

Dr David Winterbourne sghk100 at
Wed Jun 18 03:40:27 EST 1997

Javier Irazoqui wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I'd like to know how many times you re-use your radiolabelled DNA probes
> for dot & Southern hybridisation.
> Please mail answers to my e-mail address.
> Thanx
> Javier Irazoqui

In my experience, the only limitations on the number of times a probe
may be reused are radioactive decay and the ability to recover as much
as possible of the hybridization fluid after each use. Examples were
given in the following note:

Winterbourne, D.J. Reutilizing 32P labelled probes to reduce radioactive
waste. Anal.Biochem. 218:233-235, 1994.

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