Protein elution from SDS-PAGE

Javier Ambrosio jrah at SERVIDOR.DGSCA.UNAM.MX
Thu Jun 19 08:57:21 EST 1997

In our experience with high molecular weigth bands, using
electroelution method recommended by Harlow and Lane (Antibodies. Ed.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Chapter 5 page 70) we have good
recoveries, and the method is very easy to use. Other different form we
had made, because of our protein has not influence after mercaptoethanol
treatment, is to use a BAC crosslinking gel (BIORAD) in place of
Bis-Acrylamide. After running gels, they will be disintegrated using
mercaptoEtOH, one spin and the supernatant have the eluted protein.


	Javier Ambrosio

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