Source of RNase free DNase??

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Wed Jun 18 09:42:05 EST 1997

Colin Rasmussen <crasmussen at> wrote:

>Will Fuller wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can anyone suggest to me somewhere where I would be able to get RNase free DNase? We currently buy it from Stratagene as a colleague suggested that was the only company to supply it completely RNase free. We are using it to treat RNA extracted from very small tissue samples before doing RT-PCR reactions. We always lose RNA from samples treated with this DNase. I am fairly confident that there is RNA there to start with.
>> Please help!!
>> Will Fuller

>Promega sells a product called RQ1 DNase which I've used in the past for
>making riboprobes with excellent results.


Promegas RNase free DNase worked for me too.

Simon T

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