Q: protein A instead of a secondary Ab

Martin Offterdinger a8803349 at unet.univie.ac.at
Fri Jun 20 04:09:03 EST 1997

On 2 Jun 1997 13:21:54 -0700, ronlab at UIC.EDU (ronlab) wrote:

>I would like to know if there are any limitations on using protein A or protein G instead of a secondary 
>Ab for immunostaining and FACS. Does anyone has relevant experience (positive or negative)? Are there any 
>published protocols for  these applications? Your suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.
>Eugene Kandel.
>U09577 at uic.edu
Protein A does not bind to some subclasses of murine IgG(I think
murine IgG1 is not bound with high affinity) I would generally prefer
Protein G as its affinity to most Ig of most species is higher than
for Protein A.

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