PEA-3 SuperShift

Dominic Voon dvoon at
Wed Jun 25 01:34:21 EST 1997

	I am looking to perform supershift experiment with what I _think_
is the PEA-3 transcription factor (member of Ets family). I have found
that documentation of the Supershift technique has been sparse for unclear
reasons. I would love to hear from you any useful insights and tips based
on your experience. Also, I would like to find out if anyone has performed
PEA-3 supershift successfully with Santa Cruz's (or any others') PEA-3 Ab.
If you know of a source of non-commercial PEA-3 Ab, could you please let
me know ? :-)

Any information and pointer will be much appreciated, if it is possible,
could you please email me the information directly as our news server may
experience delay updating the newsgroup.

many thanks in advance, :-)

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