PCR-Dye question?

Dave Knorr dak at apldbio.com
Wed Jun 25 09:45:48 EST 1997

... a dye you add to PCR mixes to see a +/- reaction...

Your dream is a reality (cough!)  :^)

TaqMan will do what you want, essentially the way Dr. Roychowdhury describes it.
Besides a specific +/- assay, the TaqMan chemistry combined with real-time
analysis can do quantitative PCR on samples with as much as six decades of
difference in starting copy number.

If you want to risk evaluating non-specific priming, primer-dimer
artifacts and other junk, you could just add some ethidium bromide to the
reaction mix.  Formation of double-stranded material will cause an
increase in fluorescence.

Battery-powered cyclers are a reality, but not (as far as I know) in production.

Dave Knorr
PE Applied Biosystems
(developer of TaqMan reagents and instrumentation)

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