strange migration

Wed Jun 25 06:51:38 EST 1997

To anyone who might read this,

I am new on this site, so my apologizes for any unusual or too usual

After cutting a plasmid with XbaI to make in vitro transcription, I
obtain the expected band. Then, I do a PCI, a CIAA, and an ethanol
precipitation. I dissolve the pellet in TE, but when I load it on a gel,
the band is twice too small (or migrating twice faster ?). It is
actually not exactly twice...

I wonder whether it could be some kind of secondary structure due to a
special sequence. the insert is actually really hard to sequence in
certain regions. The plasmid is pBluescript, so it's not a plasmid
problem, I guess.

Thanks in advance for any help with this !!!

Germain Rousselet
rousselet at

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