LD-PCR:use which polymerase(s)??

Guido Hooiveld g.j.e.j.hooiveld at farm.rug.nl
Wed Jun 25 12:49:02 EST 1997

Hi everybody,

As a novice on long distance PCR I have this question:
I want to use PCR for cloning a large (5 kb) gene. Does anybody know which 
polymerase (or pol. mix) is best (has a fidelity/ efficiency high enough) 
for performing this PCR in one step? (I heard about eg. TaKaRa, Pwo, Pfu, 
Taq:Pfu mix). 

Any suggestions or experiences are appreciated!

Please post here or send an e-mail directly to:
g.j.e.j.hooiveld at farm.rug.nl

Thanks in advance! 

(As I am not a regular user of this newsgroup I apologize for asking this 
question again; please point me to references already discussed). 
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