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Dear Huang Zhong
I got the following answer from Life Technologies:

The 100 Bp DNA Ladder is derived from the plasmid, pSS246.  pSS246 (5672
bp) was
constructed by cloning two Stu I cassettes (each containing 15; 100 bp
into the MCS of pUC.  The ladder is generated by completely digesting
pSS246 w/
Ssp I and Stu I.  A partial digest w/ EcoR V is done subsequent to the
digests, to liberate the 100 bp repeats.

Source of bands:
  2072 bp.......................pUC
  600 bp........................actually it is a mix of a 600 bp
                                of pUC from the Ssp I, Stu I digest and
                                600 bp frag from EcoR V partial.
 100 bp repeats.................each 100 bp frag is comprised up of 20
                                of a synthetic sequence and 80 bases
from the
                                1,000 bp repeat (yeast 2 u gene
                                coordinates 291 to 378).

Huang Zhong wrote:

> Dear netters,
> Who know how to get the sequence information about commercial 100bp
> ladder? Any clues appreciated.
> Huang zhong
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