cDNA library construction kits

Joe Boutell boutell at
Thu Jun 26 07:32:57 EST 1997

Hi Quoc

In my opinion you can't go far wrong with a Stratagene cDNA synthesis 
kit. Used one to make a library for two hybrid screening and got a titer 
of 5 x 10e6. Protocol booklet was dead easy to follow and well explained.
Joe Boutell.

quoc at (Quoc Wu) wrote:
>Dear netters,
>I was wondering if anyone had used Novagen's Directional cDNA Library
>Construction kit and would like to comment on their success or failures
>with the kit.  I'm deciding on whether to use Stratagene's LambdaZap kit
>or one from Novagen.  If there are any other kits that you have had
>success with please indicate.
>Many thanks,

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