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> #My lab is looking to replace a variety of old microfuges
> ..
> #Companies we're looking into include (but are not limited to) :
> #Beckman
>         Heats tubes significantly more than others and is very noisy.
> #Jouan
>         Don't know about minis but their lowspeed counterparts were not as
> reliable as Beckman's. 
> #Eppendorf
>         THE best. Expensive. 
            Unless you're going to be getting the refrigerated one.  Two
labs on this floor (ours and one other) have them and over the past 18
months we've had ours replaced once and the other lab has had theirs
replaced 3 times.  I'd pass this one up, but the good old 5415C is almost

> #Fisher
>         Reliable. 
            Agreed, but also kind of noisy.
> #IEC
>         ?
> - Dima


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