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Gary Kucera kucera~gt at
Wed Jun 25 06:16:18 EST 1997

Frederick W. Hyde wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I'm doing some work in the area of mutation detection, looking for a
> test system that will enable me to rapidly screen PCR-amplified
> stretches of DNA for point mutations.
> Can anyone suggest a good, reputable, easy-to-use kit for such an
> endeavor? What sort of kits are out there and how easy are they to use?
> I've done very little work in this area and I'm interested in getting a
> product that has a short learning curve. What companies have such kits?
> You can either post your responses or just send me E-mail at
> fredhyde at to avoid excessive bandwidth.
> Thanks in advance,
> Fred

Ambion sells a kit for this purpose called MisMatch Detect II kit. 
Never tried it but in principle sounds easy and reliable.

Not affiliated with Ambion.
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