greg hubbard hubbard at mail.smu.edu
Thu Jun 26 09:21:55 EST 1997


We recently bought a Micromax microfuge made by IEC.  This machine is
great!  It can spin at speeds up to 16,000 rpm and it has very fast
acceleration and deceleration times.  The rotor can be changed very
easily, but best of all it the quietest microfuges' I have used.  You
can be running this thing at 16,000 rpm and still carry on a
conversation while standing in front of it.  We bought ours from
Fisher.  I don't remember how much we paid, but it was less than other
microfuges with the same specs.  I wish I could change all of our old
microfuges with this machine, but that is the way the grant bounces.  I
would highly recommend the Micromax.

Greg Hubbard
Hubbard at mail.smu.edu

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