Bac-to-Bac kit?

David Hills david.hills at
Fri Jun 27 08:27:11 EST 1997

I'm sure these kits are good. I used to make baculoviruses the old way - 
make your own viral DNA, transfect, look for clear plaques and plaque 
purify. I used to get recombinants at about 1/1000 pfu of virus!
I uused a limiting dilutions to pick recombinants and it was pretty 
simple when I did that rather than looking down a microscope for days on 
I believe these new kits using linear virus DNA should give >90% 
recombinant and it isn';t too much hassle to check expression in a dozen 
or so isolates. Compared to other techniques I have experienced like 
making MAbs and YACs this is EASY!
Hope this reassures you,

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