cells grown on filters-resistance

unknown unknown at pop.long-beach.va.gov
Fri Jun 27 17:14:08 EST 1997

We are growing human kidney cell line on filters using
Keratinocyte-SFMedium; they develop tight junctions and resistance
(2000-2500 ohms). Then we use them for uptake experiments, by washing
them and replacing the medium with buffer (has salts, hepes-MES buffer
and calcium). During this stage, the resistance drops down to 400 ohms.
they do not recover back, even after 1 hr incubation at 37oC in CO2
incubator. (They recover partly reaching upto 1000 ohms after 45 min.
but they drops again by 90 min) If any one had similar problems or any
tips, I would really appreciate it.

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