Microfuge Advice Wanted

Andrew Wallace a.wallace at qub.ac.uk.see.signature
Fri Jun 27 07:10:43 EST 1997

Last year I bought a Hettich refrigerated centrifuge (Model EBA 12R)
after looking at a few models. Very quiet (brushless induction drive),
fast spin up/down, goes up to 20000 x g with the microtube rotor at
14000 rpm, smaller footprint than Eppendorf refrigerated and cheaper,
too. It also takes a rotor that can spin 15 ml or 50 ml Falcon tubes as
well as the standard rotor for 24 x 1.5 ml microtubes. It cannot take a
rotor to spin microtiter plates unlike the Eppendorf, though.

Overall, I'm delighted with it so far.


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