transducing to Serratia

Marta Puig mpuig at
Fri Jun 27 09:43:53 EST 1997


This is my first message to this newsgroup. Actually, is my first
message to any newsgroup.

I want to transduce a mutation from Escherichia coli to Serratia
marcescens. I need a general transducer bacteriophage. I have been
with phage P1, but I am having lots of difficulties in obtaining a clone
of Serratia marcescens susceptible to this phage. I have, also, a phage
which is a general transducer between Serratia marcescens strains, but
E. coli is resistant to it.
Does anybody know a general transducer phage that could infect both
Escherichia  and Serratia?
Could anybody suggest another way to transfer an insertional mutation
from E.coli to Serratia?  

Thanks a lot,

Marta Puig

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