Sequence Alignment Program Needed

Burkhard Morgenstern morgen at
Fri Jun 27 10:01:06 EST 1997

books at wrote:
>I need a program which can align two DNA seqeunces 9 kb long. Is there a
>program that can to this? Thanks DPSMITH


A detailed description of the method including an application 
to long DNA sequences is given in

    Morgenstern, B., Dress, A., and Werner, T. 1996. 
    Multiple DNA and protein sequence alignment based on 
    segment-to-segment comparison.
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 93, 12098 - 12103.

As described in this paper, the program was able to detect functional 
sites in otherwise unrelated DNA sequences of length > 7 kb.

DIALIGN executables for various UNIX platforms (including LINUX) 
together with a detailed user guide and a test example are available  

The program is very easy to use and online help is provided
at any input level.

If you are not able to install the program on your computer,
you may mail me your sequences and I will do the alignment
for you.

  Burkhard Morgenstern

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