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>Maybe its time to get the bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts newsgroup moderated?
>That'd be quite a lot of work for someone given the volume of messages.

Moderation is not much by way of a deterrent for spam.  The somewhat
sophisticated spammer will spoof the "Approved-By:" article header,
and for the less technically adept spammer, there are "spam-posting" 
programs that spoof the "Approved-By:" article header to post to moderated 
newsgroups.  The news.* hierarchy was plagued by these last week ....

Spam is perhaps best combated at the NNTP protocol level - by configuring
servers not to propagate articles that arise in particular domains.

As someone else remarked earlier in this thread, using a newsreader that
supports kill files is another effective way of not having to wade through

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