questions about protein purification equipment

RJSamples rjsamples at
Sat Mar 1 14:58:45 EST 1997

I will soon need to invest in a system for protein purification.  My needs
initially will be to handle the purification of 10 - 100's mg of
recombinant proteins, and later hopefully transitioning into process
development / validation of promising candidates.

It has been years since I have looked into this type of equipment.  I am
currently investigating 3 products / suppliers.  They are Pharmacia (AKTA
Explorer), Perseptive Biosystems (Biocad) and Beckman (Biosys).  My
general impression is that the Perseptive product is the best all around
choice, but given Pharmacia's tenure in this area I feel that I must give
them appropriate consideration.  My reluctance in going with Pharmacia is
that this product is new and unproven.

I would appreciate feedback from any AKTA system users reading this
message. Do you find the system easy to use?  I have heard that there may
be issues with respect to software bugs and hardware malfunctions.  Any
truth to these rumors?  I would also appreciate feedback on the other two
systems, but my main concern is with Pharmacia since it is the least
established droduct in the group.

Thanks in advance for your help -- this will be a large expense for our
small company and it is very important that we make the proper decision.

R.J. Samples, Ph.D.
Bio Innovation Laboratories, Inc.

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