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Tsunehisa Namba drnamba at kuhp.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sat Mar 1 06:05:18 EST 1997

In article <331483C3.2452 at bcm.tmc.edu>, tcooper at bcm.tmc.edu wrote:

>My guess is that those who have no problems using wooden 
>toothpicks could use less enzyme if they switched to plastic. This 
>is a great technique whether you use wooden toothpicks with more 
>enzyme or plastic toothpicks with less enzyme.
>We have found a supplier of plastic toothpicks in the US (these are 
>toothpicks, not the swords):  Soodhalter Plastics, Inc.:  Los 
>Angeles, CA  90021  (213) 747-0231. They sell toothpicks for $22.50 
>per 5,000 (however, $40.00 is the minimum order so you have to buy 
>10,000. (Don't drop the box and don't autoclave plastic toothpicks). 
>Please feel free to email me with questions.

How about using yellow tips?  You have autoclaved yellow tips on your 
bench anyway, don't you?  It costs more than the plastic tooth picks, 


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