How to use BLAST

Mauricio Neira cmneira at
Sun Mar 2 16:20:59 EST 1997

the URL is:

The input is in FASTA format, which means you write in the first row
the sign  > and any comentaries in this row, and in the following row
your sequence. e.g:

>My sequence

Mauricio Neira

On 26 Feb 1997 14:04:52 -0800, WuZ at EM.AGR.CA (Zhencai Wu) wrote:

>Dear netters:
>I would like to compare my sequences in GenBank using Blast program
>via regular emial.
>If you have some experience, would you please tell me how to format
>the sequences before sending out and the email address of the BLAST.
>Your help will be highly appreciated in advance.
>Zhencai Wu
>wuz at

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