Malachite green

Bergwerff a.bergwerff at
Mon Mar 3 09:12:53 EST 1997

Dear Net-users/fellow-researchers,

In one of our university research projects Malachite Green is involved. 
This compound is also known as CI Basic Green 4, Victoria Green, Light
Green N, CI 42000, Diamond Green, China Green et cetera.  For your
infomation I give here a schematic represewntation of the structure:

CH3      C==C         C==C      CH3
   \    /    \  +    /     \   /
    N- C     C -C - C       C-N
   /   \\   //  |    \\   //   \
CH3      C-C    |      C-C      CH3
            //   \
            C     C
            |     ||
            C     C
             \\  /
Degradation of this compound goes most probably through demethylation
(in total 4 possibilities).  It is possible that you have these
demethylated derivatives available or you might know a source for these
compounds.  I will be grateful for info where to obtain any of these
derivatives or if you can supply me with any of these demethylated


Aldert Bergwerff
Assistant Professor Bromatology
Utrecht University
The Netherlands

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