A BiaCore-like system

Olli Heikki Laitinen olhela at dodo.jyu.fi
Mon Mar 3 09:24:08 EST 1997

Randy Willis wrote:
> Hey everybody (sorry for the X-posting),
> There's a rumour flying around here about a relatively new system for
> looking at macromolecular interactions based on a BiaCore like set up of
> hooking one molecule to an electronic chip, passing a solution of the
> second molecule along the surface and looking for changes in the
> potential as the two molecules interact.
> Any ideas as to what this might be and who would manufacture such a
> beastie?  We've already got access to a BiaCore and just want to make a
> comparison.

The equipment you possible mean is IAsys that is manufactured by
Affinity sensors. The system comes from UK. It's not that new, I think
that their biosensor has lifehistory of at least three or four years.
The main difference between these two device is that when Biacore has
flowthrough system the Iasys is based on cuvette construction. You can
find a short "review" about the subject from newspaper Genetic
engineering news: november 15, 1996.

Cheers, Olli

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