gel doc/photo imaging system

Toumy Guettouche tguettou at
Mon Mar 3 14:13:37 EST 1997

On 28 Feb 1997 Hoyun_Lee at wrote:

>      Hellow netters,
>      We are interested in purchasing a gel doc/ photo imaging system.I will 
>      appreciate very much if some can advise on this (producer, price, 
>      quality of picture, versatility, etc.).
>      Hoyun Lee, PhD
>      NE Ontario Cancer Centre
>      e-mail: hoyunlee at
Hi Hoyun,

we tested 3 systems.
1. UVP
3. Alpha Innovatech

The best software has definitely Alpha I..It's the most versatile and 
easy to use. The CCD cameras of all three systems seem to be about the 
same, although UVP has some unfocused areas around the edges of a 
picture. The disadvantage of the Alpha I. system is that it comes with 
its own computer. So its hard to upgrade it (if possible at all). the 
Biorad system lets you use your own computer.
We are probably going to buy the Alpha I. system, since it has the best 

Hope that helps.


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