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Tue Mar 4 17:09:20 EST 1997

On 28 Feb 1997 Hoyun_Lee at wrote:

>      Hellow netters,
>      We are interested in purchasing a gel doc/ photo imaging system.I will
>      appreciate very much if some can advise on this (producer, price,
>      quality of picture, versatility, etc.).
>      Hoyun Lee, PhD
>      NE Ontario Cancer Centre
>      e-mail: hoyunlee at
We have had excellent results with our Bio-Rad system.  We have the 
Gel-Doc, a high density scanner and a phoshpor imager all using the 
same application.  The same software can aquire and then manipulate, 
quantifiy, calculate MW etc., from all three sources of images.  
Often, of course, we just print out the gel picture and go back to the 
lab.  Hope this helps.
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