Coverslip-base culture vessels

Derek Bartlem bartlem at POSSUM.MURDOCH.EDU.AU
Tue Mar 4 20:25:04 EST 1997


We wish to use sterile culture vessels with a coverslip base and
I'm looking for any suggestions/comments. A Confocal Laser Scanning
Microscope (CLSM) will be used for direct imaging of roots in vitro as
they grow down along the cover-slip base. (Culture vessel will contain
actual seedlings, not root cultures).

We know that NUNC make a suitable product, a Chambered Coverglass
culture vessel although they are slightly expensive (A$122 for 16,
product number 136307). Does anyone know of a similar product through
an alternative supplier which may be cheaper, or have any other
suggestions we could try?

Any advice is appreciated
Derek Bartlem

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