Anti-serine phosphatase

Ian A. York iayork at
Thu Mar 6 12:27:09 EST 1997

I need to see if a protein is serine-phosphorylated.  I'm going to use
Sigma's anti-phosphoserine antibody (IP my protein, then blot it and probe
with the anti-ps), and I'm aware that it's pretty pathetic.  Does anyone
have a suggestion for a nice control protein?  Ideally it would be
moderately abundant, constitutively serine-phosphorylated, easily
immunoprecipitated with a readily available antibody, and not either 25 or
50 kDa, because if it is the antibody on the blot will overlay it. 

Also, if anyone has any tips for making the anti-phosphoserine antibody
more reliable, I'd appreciate hearing about it.



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