Coverslip-base culture vessels

Caroline Szymeczek-Seay seay at
Thu Mar 6 13:05:04 EST 1997

Derek Bartlem wrote:
> Hello,
> We wish to use sterile culture vessels with a coverslip base and
> I'm looking for any suggestions/comments. A Confocal Laser Scanning
> Microscope (CLSM) will be used for direct imaging of roots in vitro as
> they grow down along the cover-slip base. (Culture vessel will contain
> actual seedlings, not root cultures).
> We know that NUNC make a suitable product, a Chambered Coverglass
> culture vessel although they are slightly expensive (A$122 for 16,
> product number 136307). Does anyone know of a similar product through
> an alternative supplier which may be cheaper, or have any other
> suggestions we could try?
> Any advice is appreciated
> Thanks,
> Derek Bartlem
Hi Derek,

We grow cells for use in confocal microscopy and calcium imaging a lot,
so we didn't want to spend the money on the culture vessels, either. 
What we do is to plate cells on a large glass coverslip that we flame
and place into a plain old sterile petri dish.  THen, when we are ready
to do the expt, we place the coverslip between two teflon plates which
contain a big hole in the center.  THe big hole has an 0 ring in it. 
THe 2 plates screw together.  We had these plates synthesized at our
in-house shop.  I do not think that they are commercially available,
but  if you are going to do a lot of expts, and if you're not in a big
hurry to do the expts, this is probably your best bet for economy in the
long run!  Hope this is helpful..I know it's not the quick and easy way,
but it may be the cheapest.

Caroline SEay

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