cpm vs. dpm ?

Troels Wind wind at biobase.dk
Thu Mar 6 03:01:04 EST 1997

Hi Netters,

I'm currently doing some GTP-binding assays with 3H-labelled GTP and
have stumbled into a small problem. The scintillation-counter, a
Beckman LS1801, gives me two different values for each measurement,
one in 'cpm' and one in 'dpm'.

I cant see any correlation between these figures, i.e. they are not
proportional, so I would like to know:

a) What's the difference between cpm and dpm?
b) Which of these is in YOUR opinion the best in terms of correlating
   the scintillation readout to the amount of bound GTP in the sample?

I thank you in advance!

Troels Wind
Aarhus University

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