T7 select phage display

Jennifer Lyon jennyann at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 6 16:57:22 EST 1997

Liselotte wrote:

>....Is it true that T7-phage isn't killed by ethanol or by

No, T7 phage is quite hardy, but it will be killed by autoclavation. T7
will also be killed by bleach. After using T7 phage, simply soak your
pipettemen in bleach and then wash them off with sterile, deionized
water. The same for your lab bench, simply wipe it down with bleach and
then wash with water. Tubes and other autoclavable materials can be
autoclaved. As long as you take these simple precautions, you shouldn't
have any trouble with T7 phage contaminating your lab. Treat it with
caution, but don't panic! 

-Jennifer Lyon
Novagen Technical Service

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