Looking for Gold Biotechnology

cynthia stryker cstryker at unlinfo.unl.edu
Thu Mar 6 14:24:00 EST 1997

Sailesh Surapureddi (Saisu at mcb.liu.se) wrote:

: Hi Every one

: 			I am looking for Gold Biotechnology Inc. If you happen to know their
: telephone or fax no or its address.. I humbly request the the kind soul to
: post it or mail it to me. I have their toll free no.. (800-248-7609) but
: can't call it from Sweden or get its normal telephone no. Hence this
: request.

: 	Also.. does anyone have a clue reg. the source for inexpensive bluo-gal,
: X-gal and IPTG.

: Thanks  a million.

: Sailesh. 

7166 Manchester Rd., Suite 2W
St. Louis, MO 63143  USA
fax 314-647-4134

I've seen cheaper than Gold advertised in Biotechniques but Gold is 
pretty cheap; I buy from them.  Cindy at UNL

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