Sequencing and sharkteeth

Mike Gruidl mgruidl at
Thu Mar 6 20:50:15 EST 1997

Edwin Abeln wrote:
> In article <330C80D5.1A01 at>, Jørgen Stenvik <joergens at> says:
> >
> >We have some trouble with leakage using sharkteeth combs for sequencing.
> >What can be done?
> Afer you poored your gel and inserted your sharkteeth comb, you can
> put bulldog paper clamps over the comb and both glasplates during
> the polymerisation.
> cheers Edwin

I use the clamps but I also apply a VERY thin coat of silicone grease or 
petroleum jelly (like vasoline) to the teeth before inserting the comb. 
 Clean up with methanol or ethanol.


Mike gruidl

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