sodium acetate in sequencing gel buffers!

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Fri Mar 7 05:51:17 EST 1997

zarir (zarir at wrote:
: Hi people,
: i want to know the reason for adding sodium acetate to the lower buffer
: tank while doing manual sequencing. I know it reduces compressions, by
: altering the voltage gradient, but how? what is the chemistry involved?
: Please reply urgently.also some reference where it is documented.

This method is documented in Biotechniques and is also found in CPMB. 
Forgot the authors but it DOES NOT REDUCE COMPRESSIONS. What it does is 
create a buffer gradient in the sequencing gel so the shorter sequences 
(lower bands) is migrate slower as they near the bottom. Giving a "wedge 
gel" effect. So you can have more bases read per gel.


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