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Hi Paulo,
I have used both ABI and ALF system. If you have many 
samples to be analyzed I recommend ABI. ABI prism kit 
works very well and it is easy to prepare the sample 
(PCR and simple work-up only). You can analyze one sample
per a lane (one to 24-36 samples/run). But in ALF system you
need four lanes per a sample (one to ten samples/run). In
ABI system, we always need to buy prism kit. It is so
expensive, but you do not need to modify primers. In ALF 
system, we can select two methods; cycle sequencing
and conventional (Sanger's) method. 
You need Cy-5 primer for cycle sequencing. Since the Cy-5 
is protected by patent, only Pharmacia can supply Cy-5 modified
primer. It takes long time to obtain the primers after order
(7 - 14 days). If you select conventional method, you must 
prepare ~5 ug dsDNA or 1 ~ 2 ug of single DNA.
Personally I like ABI system, but the both system works very 
well. So you should consider your budget(!), purpose and
cost performance.
I hope my suggestion is useful for you :-)

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>I want to buy an automated sequencing system.
>I would like to have your opinion about the following apparatus:
>- ABI Prism 310
>- ALF express
>Vendors: please don't contact me!
>Thanks in advance,
>Paulo Santos
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