Antisense transcripts

Julian Dow gbaa02 at
Fri Mar 7 12:37:16 EST 1997

Zhiyong Zhao wrote:
> I have a very strange in situ hybridization result. The sense control probe giv
> es a very nice tissue-specific staining with almost no background.(The antisens
> e probe also has tissue-specific staining but in different tissues.) It is hard
>  for me to believe that in the particular tissues some many antisense transcrip
> ts are produced. Has anybody out there have the similar experience? Certainly I
>  carefully checked the orientation of the construct by sequencing and double re
> striction digests.

I posted on this subject to the net a while ago. It's very common. But
experienced in situ workers just keep quiet about it, to avoid trouble
with referees...

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