T7 or SP6 RNA Pol promoter sequence

Mircea Podar podar at utsw.swmed.edu
Thu Mar 6 20:40:29 EST 1997

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> I am looking for a promoter sequence for either SP6 or T7 RNA Pol .
> If anyone can help - it would save me a 30 mile trip to the library!
> Gordon
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   The minimal T7 promoter (17 nt) is 5' TAA TAC GAC TCA CTA TA 3'.
However, the first nucleotide to be incorporated into RNA has to be a G
(otherwise the efficiency drops to the floor) and then the second is best
to be also a G (although thats not that critical), so make it as above plus
G(G)..... 3'


Mircea Podar

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