gel doc/photo imaging system

Rick Nicholson R.Nicholson at
Wed Mar 5 02:43:13 EST 1997

> We are interested in purchasing a gel doc/ photo imaging system.I will 
>      appreciate very much if some can advise on this (producer, price, 
>      quality of picture, versatility, etc.).
>      Hoyun Lee, PhD
>      NE Ontario Cancer Centre
>      e-mail: hoyunlee at

We found that by far the best price/quality option was the Kodak digital
science system.  It is portable, is easy to use, has good easy to use
software, and when not taking pictures of gels or autoradiographs it can
be used to take colour happy snaps of people enjoying life in the lab.  

Hope this helps, Rick.
Richard C. Nicholson, BSc PhD
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Immunology
St. Vincent's Hospital
Sydney, Australia 2010

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