Hirt procedure pl.

Rick Nicholson R.Nicholson at cfi.unsw.edu.au
Wed Mar 5 02:32:40 EST 1997

> We wish to employ Hirt procedure to isolate plasmid DNA from the genomic 
> DNA of cultured cells. We have read the original paper of Hirt 1967. I am 
> sure lot more of you will have great tips and may be modifications that 
> would be of great help. We shall greatly appriciate your comments and 
> suggestions. I am sure your experinces will help us avoid pit-falls. 
> Please try and be as explanatory as possible. Thanks in advance.
> Jawahar.

I would be interested to see tips on this as well.  Could you forward
any tips you get on to me please.
Thanks, Rick.
Richard C. Nicholson, BSc PhD
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Immunology
St. Vincent's Hospital
Sydney, Australia 2010

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