FISH multicolour background

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In article <3320581C.6762 at>, Gahtani <M.H.Algahtani at sheff> writes
>I am dong multicolour FISH Exp. on lymphoma chrmosome metaphases ( 
>patients and cell lines) using Teaxes Red and FITC ( direct and indirect 
>tech,) but the problem which I am facing know is the background 
>specially with FITC, larg and tiny green dots all over the slides
>please, I need any help to cont. my work, S who has the magic answer.
>looking to read your answer on my e-mail.
Are you doing the FITC labelling indirect? If so you could try
centrifuging your Fluorescein-Avidin (we do this after we have added it
to blocking buffer). This is because the Fluorescein Avidin forms
aggregates during storage.

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