in vivo administration of lipid components by LIPOSOMES

alena at alena at
Tue Mar 11 09:35:59 EST 1997


We want to introduce a lipid (very long fatty acid) in a in vivo model. Since 
our lipid is only soluble in chloroform or in a lipophilic environment, we 
have a problem to administer it to the mice. 
We used to adsorb the lipid (in chloroform) onto serum by sonification, but 
the serum alone has also effects in our mice !
That is why we are looking for an other way to introduce our waxy lipid alone. 
We were thinking about using liposomes. 
Does anybody have experience with liposomes (beside the introduction of DNA) 
to use in vivo and more specifically to administer lipids ?

I hope someone can help us because we are stuck !


Dr. Anne Lenaerts
Dept. Biochemistry
University of Pretoria
South Africa   

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