Anti-serine phosphatase

Gary Krause gkrause at
Mon Mar 10 16:58:08 EST 1997

In article <5fmupd$r23 at> iayork at (Ian A. York) writes:
>From: iayork at (Ian A. York)
>Subject: Anti-serine phosphatase
>Date: 6 Mar 1997 12:27:09 -0500

  Does anyone
>have a suggestion for a nice control protein?  Ideally it would be
>moderately abundant, constitutively serine-phosphorylated, easily
>immunoprecipitated with a readily available antibody, and not either 25 or
>50 kDa, because if it is the antibody on the blot will overlay it. 

Sigma uses non-fat dry milk as its positive control.


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