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PSt> Hi All, 
PSt> I am looking for the commercial or shareware softwares that lets you
PSt> analyze the gel either from phosphoimager or scanned files in Mac.  I've
PSt> seen a few of such programs such as SigmaGel but all of them are written
PSt> for PCs.  If any of you know or currently use one for Mac, please let me

There are many for the Mac. I have looked at most of them. NIH Image will
do for small projects. It is free and there are some gel macros with it,
but it is not very automatic. Also, I don't like the method that it uses
to locate bands. I don't know the URL, but it can be found using a web

Another program to try is GelReader. It also is free, but is no longer
supported. It's on the web too. I think it has trouble running under
MacOS7.5. If you have a Mac that you can dedicate to MacOS 6.X, then this
would be a great solution for free.

Of the commercial programs that I know about, I have tried GelPro,
BioImage, Collage, Kodak's 1D analysis, and one from Bio-Rad, all on a
PowerMac. GelPro (about $2,500 US) is an obvious port from windows and
handles poorly on the Mac, but is in my opinion better than BioImage and
Collage. Kodak's 1D is very nice, fast, about $1,600.00 US, and has the
best auto band finding algorithm, but lacks phylogeny and dendrogram
analysis and has no database. I hear that Kodak has a second version due
out soon and it may include more features. The package from Bio-Rad (I
can't remember the name) is outstanding, but is about $6,500.00 US!

I plan to get the Kodak software and just do phylogeny and dendrogram
analysis with other software.

I'd like to hear opinions on this class of Mac 
software from others out there!

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