What's your favorite protocol book?

eric anderson e-anderson at ski.mskcc.org
Tue Mar 11 10:01:40 EST 1997

as long as you have a subscription to the Current Protocols Updates, you
shouldn't need more than you've got for general use. Current Protocols is
updated quarterly with a huge update/revision once a year. 

there are lots of good specialized references such as the Oxford Univ.
Press "A Practical Approach" series.  Other good references are:
"Antibodies: A Laboratory Manual" by Harlow and Lane, from Cold Spring
Harbor Press (or for that matter, any of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Manuals), and the Methods in Enzymology Series including the Molecular
Cloning and Protein Purification books.

of course, what counts as a good reference depends on the kind of lab
you're in.  if you're doing X-Ray crystallography, your reference needs
will obviously be much different than those of a lab doing Xenopus

check out the book section of the Sigma catalog for a relatively complete
listing of reference and protocol books.


In article <3324529F.492C at ou.edu>, gdavis at ou.edu wrote:

> In our laboratory reference library we currently have "Current Protocols
> in Molecular Biology" and Sambrook's "Molucular Cloning: A Laborartory
> Manual".
> Are there new versions of either of these protocol books and does anyone
> have any favorites aside from these that have arisen in recent years?
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Greg
> gdavis at ou.edu

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