Perkin-Elmer DNA Thermal Cycler- HP ThinkJet Printer?

ericsson at ericsson at
Tue Mar 11 11:02:16 EST 1997

We want to hook up a printer to our 1989 vintage Perkin Elmer Cetus DNA
Thermal Cycler. There is a serial port on the back that I assume would
work, with the right printer. We also have a  Hewlett Packard model 2225C
ThinkJet printer. So it would be good if they could be hooked up. The HP
printer has a parallell port socket. Could they be hooked up by just
getting the right cable or adaptor, or are they fundamentally
incompatible? Any advice on how to set the mode select switches on the HP?

Christer Ericsson
State University of New York at Buffalo
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