Semi-Dry Transfer Apparatus Reccomendations

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Tue Mar 11 16:47:39 EST 1997

Louis Hom (lhom at wrote:

> My vote is for the Owl.  We've been using one for almost a year now and it
> has been great.  The main points that I like about it are 1) the electrodes
> are arranged so that you lay the membrane on top of the gel, which is a lot
> easier for me than the reverse ...

I use the Hoefer TE 70. With this unit, you have to put the membrane on top of
the gel and then turn the whole sandwich-thing upside-down so the membrane ends
up on the bottom before you turn the juice on.

I usually put a piece of Whatman paper on the gel first, flip the gel and paper
to get it off the glass. Then, put the membrane on the gel, two more pieces of
paper, flip onto the unit. Put two pieces of Whatman on top of that, and
tranfer.  Sometimes it gets confusing with all the flipping involved, but it is
nearly impossible to place the membrane down first and then place the gel on
top of it. It is just too messy that way.

With a little practice it is okay though, and I always get a good transfer if
I do it right. Fortunately, there is a little diagram on the unit so you can
check it. I admit I have to look at the diagram to be sure the sandwich is
right EVERY time I run the thing because I find the membrane on bottom an odd
and unintuitive way to set it up.

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