Gas permeability meter

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Tue Mar 11 13:19:42 EST 1997

Gas Permeability Meter

New very sensitive Gas Permeability Meter is capable of measuring O2 and
CO2 permeation through plastic (and other) barriers at a level of 0.2
ul/hour.  When equipped with optional gas analyzers, the Permeability 
Meter can  measure  diffusion of  CO, H2S, H2, NH3, and NO.  The principle
of operation is based on periodic measurements of gas concentration in the
test chamber to which gas diffuses  through the wall made of tested
material.  Permeation of multiple gases (up to three gases), as well as
multiple material samples (up to 80), can be simultaneously measured in
the same experiment.  Due to the instrument’s high sensitivity,
measurements can be as short as 15 min. per sample.  Gas Permeability
Meter is fully computerized with periodic printouts and data storage. 
Besides measuring permeability, it can also be used to measure gas
absorption and adsorption as well as oxidation and gas emission by the
test materials.  Temperature, as well as illumination of the test
materials, can easily be modified.

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